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fire damage restoration southeast michiganAny kind of fire can leave lasting damage, and not just on the structure of your home. It can be devastating to experience loss from a home fire, especially if priceless possessions are destroyed, or family is injured in the fire.

When you experience a home fire, it can be uplifting to know that guidance and support exists to help you with salvaging the remains and getting your life (and home) back to normal. At ASD Waterworks, our team of trained professionals are ready to tackle smoke and fire damage. We care about our Michigan families and Metro-Detroit neighbors, so it’s a top priority to get you back in your home as quickly as possible.

If you’ve experiences fire damage, smoke or soot damage and need restoration, contact us immediately.  We’ve helped families all over southeast Michigan recover from fires of all types and size; from small food fires to structure fires that have done extensive damage to the home. Our fire restoration experts work quickly to secure your home and immediately begin the cleaning and restoration process.

Our family at ASD Waterworks is driven by a strong love for the Metro-Detroit communities we serve. Our skilled team is available to minimize the damage to your personal property and impact on your life. Day or night, we guarantee a fast response across Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, and Oakland Counties.

We offer disaster restoration, mold removal and remediation, fire restoration, water damage restoration, flood, and smoke damage cleaning in the following areas & surrounding communities:

Ann Arbor, MI Farmington, MI Troy, MI Warren, MI
Dearborn, MI Livonia, MI Dearborn Heights, MI Ypsilanti, MI
Bloomfield Hills, MI Taylor, MI Detroit, MI Southfield, MI
Westland, MI Royal Oak, MI Monroe, MI Novi, MI

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Elimination and Removal of Toxic Mold

“Very professional; The men who did the work were quick to spot any problems area. We were consulted as the job went to its completion. We would recommend them as a highly trusted and professional group of people.”

Janet S, Clinton Twp

Testing for Toxic Materials and Mold

“The crew was awesome! They went way above what I expected! They were very kind, polite and considerate of everything I needed. They worked very hard on a hot day and never stopped asking me if I needed anything else to be done. They were very flexible. I would recommend this company highly!”

Jackie S., Farmington Hills

Elimination of Toxic Mold

“This was an excellent experience. From the consultation, to the estimate, to the working being completed, everything was very professional, prompt, and courteous. I would highly recommend them.”

Elizabeth C., West Bloomfield, MI

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Repair

“The owner and his crew were awesome! They did a great job on the mold removal and helped carry everything out of the storage room they worked on and came back and helped me put everything back and cleaned the carpet. They were very accommodating and very pleasant and helpful. I recommend this company highly!”

John S, Farmington Hills, MI

Attic Mold Removal

“We needed fast turnaround because we were in the middle of remodeling and had just uncovered a mold issue in the attic. ASD came out the next day and did the work a few days later, allowing our remodeling to continue without interruption. Not only was ASD attentive and extremely professional, they also did what few other contractors do. When they got into the job, they realized it was more than double the work from what they’d anticipated. Instead of 3 hours, they spent 8 hours to clean up our mold. They did this without hesitation AND they refused to accept more money. They stood by their quote and saw the job through. I highly recommend ASD.”

Ken K., West Bloomfield, MI

Sump Pump Failure, Water Damage and Basement Flood Cleanup

“We would like to extend our gratitude for all the work you did during our recent mishap with the sump pump and the basement having water. The staff that performed the work on the home did a remarkable job; they were courteous, professional and efficient. Our home is back to the way it was with no evidence anything ever happened. We could not believe how fast your staff responded and finished the job.We would like to thank you again for an outstanding job. Well done!”

Dave A., Dearborn Heights, MI

Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning Services

“Superior service and fair with pricing. We were happy with our current carpet cleaners, but tried ASD when we were in a pinch and WOW!! They knocked our socks off and are very professional.”

Mark and Sherry, Dearborn Heights, MI

Carpet Cleaning Services

“Wonderful service! Fast, friendly and fair! Great prices!”

Jim S, Dearborn Heights, MI

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Repair

“We received very prompt, professional service and would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing mold removal from their home or business! The staff was friendly, very accommodating, and “walked” us through each step of what they planned to do and, then, exactly what they were doing as it progressed, to rid us of our mold problem! So, we were completely aware of each step in the process throughout our entire experience with their company. This approach certainly helps to build trust in the company you have hired to do the job for you!!”

Patricia B., Ypsilanti, MI

Attic Mold Removal

“The father and son team did an excellent job of explaining what the process was and they did exactly what they said. They also are helping with getting some one to install a vent to the roof so mold doesn’t happen again. My electrician said that I didn’t need it and just vented my exhaust fan into the attic. Never hire him again. Would definitely recommend ASD WaterWorks to anyone that needs mold removal.”

Mark L., Livonia, MI

Water Damage Repair and Mold Remediation 

“The owner came out to my rental property and inspected a problem I discovered from a leaky roof. His expertise and quick diagnosis saved me from a potential problem from a tenant who was complaining about the mold. Without taking care of this problem immediately it could have cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I would refer ASD Waterworks because they provide great customer service and were extremely professional the entire way through the process.”

Jennifer Z, Novi, MI

Basement Flood Cleanup, Water Damage Repair and Mold Remediation

“Very professional service. The owner was very helpful and informed me of the problems and way to treat them. He accommodated me and came to do his work on Saturday, which was very convenient for me. He and his crew did a great job in cleaning the basement. I would definitely recommend using this company.”

Azra Z., Ann Arbor, MI

Common Types of Fires That Damage Michigan Homes

Fire only needs three things to start and quickly grow out of control; an ignition source, fuel, and oxygen. Your home is filled with possible ignition sources, as well as fuel, which can result in a number of fire types that damage a home in different ways.

Food/Protein Fires

Food on the stove, in the oven, or even the microwave can burn resulting in a kitchen fire. While this type of fire damage can often be contained, it can still lead to structural damage as well as smoke residue and intense odor within the kitchen.

Complex Fires

When synthetic and natural items burn, they can create deep black smoke damage and residue on the contents and surfaces in your home. This requires immediate and emergency treatment to avoid corrosion and protect your property.

Natural Fires

When natural fires occur outside, such as trees and shrubs burning, smoke can penetrate the home leaving residue. It can also coat and damage the exterior of your home. Restoration is often needed to restore the property, protect interior surfaces, and eliminate odors from the smoke damage.

Furnace and Appliance Malfunctions

Heating appliances, furnaces and other appliances can fail resulting in fire as well as smoke being distributed throughout the home. This requires treatment of smoke damage to eliminate odors, and renovation where the home’s structure may have been impacted.

Treating Fire and Smoke Damage in Michigan Homes

It takes more than simple clean up to restore damage from fire and smoke. Ash and smoke that goes untreated can corrode materials, furniture, electronics and other materials in the home. If left untreated, glass can become etched, metal is tarnished, and the integrity of property can rapidly degrade.

Our Process for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration specialist metro detroit

With over 27 years in fire and smoke restoration, our professional teams take a careful and thorough approach to treating fire and smoke damage in your home. We guarantee a 60-minute response for any fire or smoke damage emergency, and immediately begin our assessment once the team is on site at your home.

Our process includes:

  • Identifying the source and type of fire
  • Detailed evaluation of every area of the home, especially wet areas as a result of fire service crews
  • Immediate remediation of water damage that may have occurred as a result of controlling the fire
  • Evaluation and documenting sensitive materials that could be damage as a result of fire, smoke, ash, or soot
  • Prompt and careful removal of items from the home including anything you may need to function during the restoration period (clothing, medications, work and school items, etc.)
  • Careful packing of salvageable items for cleaning and storage
  • Structural restoration including removal of charred contents that could seal in smoke damage and ash (insulation, burned building materials or wood), evaluation of flooring materials for salvage or removal, inspection of framing and subfloors, and treatment of affected surfaces to seal odors and remove smoke odors
  • Cleaning and elimination of smoke, ash, soot and deodorizing surfaces to pre-fire conditions
  • Returning of items to their original location, assisting in helping your family return to a normal life before the event.

Don’t Settle For Less Than the Best in Fire Damage Restoration

The residue, smoke and ash left behind after a fire is a biohazard that can impact the health of you and your family. It must be addressed by trained professionals with the right equipment to manage the risk and restore your property to a point where it can be occupied safely.

Our team has you covered with a comprehensive range of fire damage, soot, smoke and odor removal services. Don’t delay; halt the damage and get your home back to normal.

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